Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal Map

Intermodal transportation is an extremely difficult service to incorporate, and that is due to the complexity of the operations and the use of multiple modes of transportation.

That is why when it comes to partnering up with Ultra Logistics, we bring reliability and cost saving to the table by already knowing the routes needed to reach any destination within the United States. Also, we are partnered with some of the biggest carriers within the United States to ensure that you never have to worry about over paying due to limited capacity.

We have an entire team dedicated to just intermodal transportation. We can help you with Air, Land, and Sea.

  • We work with you 1 on 1 to establish the routes
  • We can handle the freight scheduling and dispatching
  • We will help you minimize the risks and costs involved
  • Most importantly we give you the transparency you want and need!

No matter where you are with your supply chain needs, we can give you the expertise at your fingertips!