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Air Freight

Air Freight

For our convenience, UltraShipTMS™ offers an air freight tendering tool that streamlines the air carrier selection process by allowing users to inform partners about domestic and international shipment opportunities instantly. Carriers have the ability to submit competitive bids instantly in real time. You can also compare rates and select a carrier based on cost and availability within minutes. Some of these features include:

Carrier Selection and Tendering

  • View all bids posted by carriers
  • Select the lowest bid based on rate and availability
  • Have the ability to tender to low cost carriers to reduce air and expedite freight costs
  • Centralized decision making and control of air freight spending
  • Review, update and cancel loads easily and quickly with just a few mouse clicks

Bid Solicitation

  • Streamline the air freight carrier selection process
  • Utilize only your approved carriers
  • Notify your carriers of your urgent shipping needs in real time via a private network
  • Your carriers will be kept informed of available loads and react quickly to your shipping needs
  • At a glance, carriers can see loads offered, loads they have placed bids on, and bids that have been accepted by you

Domestic and International Order Entry

  • Web-based platform enables access from any location - worldwide
  • Requires no installation at any user location
  • Simple and easy to use — no need for intensive training
  • Can be implemented quickly and easily
  • Reduces order entry time
  • Fully customizable to your shipping needs
  • Allows carriers to simultaneously view shippers' needs in real time
  • Accommodates US Standard and Metric measurements

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