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Carrier Development

Ultra Logistics has already proven to our clients our amazing qualification and screening process in utilizing carriers that offer 100% service quality. Our relationships with our carriers extend far beyond our stringent qualification process. Rest assured you can plan and execute your supply chain with confidence knowing Ultra Logistics is behind the wheel. Our pool of 16,000+ carriers have all gone through our stringent qualification process so you always have top-notch industry-leading service.

As part of our policy, all our carriers undergo a comprehensive qualification process that includes:

  • Insurance verification
  • Fraud and alias search
  • Safety record review
  • Documentation on operating authority and history
  • Signed carrier contract digitally imaged
  • Third party logistics references
  • Number of years in service

We don't stop there! Once we have established a partnership with a carrier, we proactively monitor them and receive immediate notifications of any Dept. of Transportation (DOT) safety changes, MC authority status, insurance policy details, location of base of operations, and carrier scorecard.

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