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UltraShipTMS™ Launches International and Domestic Air Freight Management Solution with Easton-Bell

Easton-Bell Sports Inc. Selects New Release of the Open Source TMS

ELMWOOD PARK, N.J. (Mar. 12, 2008) - Ultra Logistics Inc. today announced it has launched a new version of UltraShipTMS™ that allows shippers to manage the domestic and international air freight tendering process in real-time at the lowest possible cost.

Easton-Bell Sports Inc., one of the world's leading sports equipment manufacturing companies, has selected the new release of UltraShipTMS™ to help manage its air freight shipping operations.

"At Easton-Bell Sports we are always exploring new ways to reduce total cost while improving service to our internal and external customers," said Lewis Hornsby, Global Transportation and Logistics of Easton-Bell Sports.

UltraShipTMS™ is a transportation management system that gives logistics managers total network visibility and control over inbound and outbound transportation, ensuring proper coordination, optimal planning and consistent execution. UltraShipTMS™ offers shippers a customizable TMS without a big up-front implementation fee. The open source web-based systems architecture integrates silo applications for seamless information sharing and execution accountability.

UltraShipTMS™'s new release includes an air freight feature to streamline the air carrier selection process by allowing users to inform partners about shipment opportunities instantly over a private network with one click. Carriers can submit competitive bids on loads. On one screen, shippers can compare rates, select a carrier based on cost and availability, and obtain shipment approval all in minutes. The approval process can be automated and the winning bid tendered to the carrier of choice immediately.

About Ultra Logistics and UltraShipTMS™

Ultra Logistics is a leader in domestic logistics optimization and truckload carrier management. The company has built a monitor record for excellence working with Fortune 1000 clients in both retail and manufacturing since 1996. UltraShipTMS™ was created by industry experts at Ultra Logistics, leveraging decades of logistics experience in all modes of transportation and using the most advanced open source, web-based software programming to create a solution that is changing the face of TMS forever.

For more information, contact Joe Librizzi at 888-794-6642 x2077 or

Posted: Mar 12, 2008

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