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Ultra Logistics Announces Version 3.5 of UltraShipTMS™

New developments in UltraShipTMS™ enhance shippers’ flexibility with new fuel surcharge tables and tendering rules, among other upgrades

ELMWOOD PARK, N.J. (Nov. 15, 2007)—Ultra Logistics, a leader in truckload carrier management, domestic logistics execution and a licensed reseller of Transportation Management Solutions, Inc., UltraShipTMS™ software, announced today the successful launch of their newest version of software. UltraShipTMS™ Version 3.5 gives greater flexibility to shippers managing their supply chains.

Ultra Logistics enhanced UltraShipTMS™ tendering rules to allow shippers more flexibility when tendering freight by percentage of volume, customer or location. This showcases the software’s ability to be customized to meet individual shipper’s unique needs, as well as addresses intricacies in their transportation network.

“We also created new ease of use features for shippers by implementing turn-by-turn driving directions and visual load board displays to show load activity and coverage in real time,” said Joe Librizzi, vice president of sales of Ultra Logistics. “While these changes seem small, the overall impact is significant. These changes reduce time on the phone giving directions, as well as reduce time querying the system for status updates,” continued Librizzi.

The system now manages fuel surcharge by carrier, region and mode of transportation, or any combination of these three. This helps isolate fuel costs and gives shippers a more precise tool for managing fuel as cost continue to rise.

UltraShipTMS™ Version 4.0 will launched in January 2008. The upgraded features in Version 4.0 will help shippers create efficiencies and savings with their core carriers by providing necessary information to understand each other’s business. The new upgrades will allow non-core carriers to be managed by a third party, thus allowing shippers to focus on the relationships that add value to their supply chain. “In the past we have seen shippers create savings by reducing their carrier base, so our upgrades will allow them to do this without losing the capacity provided by smaller specialized and niche fleets. This will prove to be a real value in a market where companies are looking to reduce costs and still maintain high service levels,” said Librizzi.

UltraShipTMS™ gives logistics managers the ability to completely manage inbound transportation, outbound transportation, or both, with complete visibility, ensuring proper coordination, optimal planning and consistent execution. UltraShip’s transaction-based web software delivery model offers customers a powerful solution with low-risk, low-cost implementation and rapid deployment anywhere in the world.

About Ultra Logistics

Ultra Logistics is a leader in truckload carrier management and domestic logistics optimization. Since 1996, the company has built a successful record of excellence working with Fortune 1000 clients in both retail and manufacturing. For more information, contact Joe Librizzi at 888-794-6642 x2077 or

Posted: Nov 14, 2007

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