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Carrier Tools

Carrier Tools

Ultra Logistics has been establishing relationships with carriers for 15+ years now. Let us show you how you can better utilize equipment and spot equipment for regular moves. Just connect with one of our regional managers at 888-794-6642.

Learn the capability of! Upon registering, you can view all current loads you are moving on behalf of Ultra Logistics. The destination of all these loads is automatically cross referenced with new loads as they become available. Registered carriers can log in and control how they're notified when there is a match.

Find Loads

Looking for a load? We make it easy to find the load you are looking for. Search parameters include origin and destination city and state. You can even do a radius search from these locations. Take me there now!

Available Equipment

Stuck? Have a truck that you can't seem to get a load for? Let us know. List your available equipment, and be notified whenever there is a load match. Take me there now!

Frequent Lanes

Interested in a particular lane? Sign up for e-mail alerts that will notify you when a new load is available in a lane that interests you. Take me there now!

Submit a Profile

If you are a new carrier, join us! Our trucks have thousands of shipments on the road every day, and we are always on the lookout for reliable carriers. Once your information is received we will get you moving in no time. Take me there now!

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